Corporate Profile

Efficiency in energy

One of Brazil’s largest companies, Cosan S/A focuses its investments on strategic industries, such as agribusiness, fuel and natural gas distribution and lubricants. Over nearly eight decades of operation, Cosan diversified its business to build a portfolio of industry leaders such as Raízen Combustíveis, Raízen Energia, Comgás and Moove.

  • Raízen Combustíveis: Brazil’s second-largest fuel distributor, it manages a fuel distribution network of over 6,300 Shell service stations throughout Brazil.
  • Raízen Energia: the leading producer of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil and the world’s largest individual exporter of cane sugar.
  • Comgás: present in 177 cities throughout the state of São Paulo, Comgás is currently Brazil’s largest natural gas distributor.
  • Moove: one of Brazil’s largest players in the lubricant segment, it produces and distributes Mobil brand products and base oils.It also markets Mobil products in Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Spain, and is present in over 40 European and Asian countries through the Comma brand.

With a strong focus on innovation, competitiveness, efficiency and respect for the environment, Cosan invests in sectors of critical importance to the development of Brazil. Its operations, managed by a seasoned, committed and result-driven team, have been helping Brazil to lay the foundation for lasting and sustainable growth.


Cosan S/A ("CSAN3") is listed since 2005 in the highest level of corporate governance "Novo Mercado" on the B3.

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