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A joint venture of Shell and Cosan, Raízen operates in the energy segment and stands out as the single largest producer of cane sugar and ethanol, as a giant in energy cogeneration in Brazil, and because it is among the largest fuel distributors in the country.

Fifth largest company by revenue and leading manufacturer of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil, with a production output of more than 2 billion liters per year. Its operations also include the production of more than 4 million tonnes of cane sugar and capacity to cogenerate 981 MW of energy annually.

In the fuel distribution industry, Raízen has a solid foothold in Brazil of more than 6,200 Shell service stations; it is present in 68 airport supply bases and operates in 68 terminals. The company invested in development of automatic payment solutions in gas stations (“Sem Parar” and Mobile) and today counts with closely 460 thousand users; and in the expansion of convenience store Shell Select with a simple and efficient model, that counts today with 950 stores.

The company has interest in Lógum, a unique ethanol infrastructure solution that ensures fast, sustainable and low-cost transportation via pipelines. In addition, it continuously invests in efficient solutions that ensure a balance between profitability, productivity and environmental responsibility.

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For further information, visit Raízen's IR website: ir.raizen.com


The largest distributor of piped natural gas in Brazil, Comgás serves over 1.9 million customers in the state of São Paulo. The company supplies piped natural gas to customers in the residential, commercial, industrial and automotive segments, and employs original technology to modernize and expand its gas distribution network.

In 2012, Cosan increased its footprint in the power and infrastructure sectors after acquiring a 60.5% stake in Comgás. Largest distributor of piped natural gas in Brazil, the company connects major natural gas reservoirs with the country's largest consumer markets: São Paulo and Campinas metropolitan regions, and Santos and Paraíba Valley regions.

Comgás’ concession area covers 177 cities in the São Paulo State, which represents approximately 26% of the Brazilian GDP and account for more than 35% of energy consumption in the country. The company is present in 88 municipalities, in the industrial, commercial and residential segments, as well as providing compressed natural gas (CNG) and implementing projects of cogeneration and acclimatization.

For further information, visit Comgás' IR website: ir.comgas.com



Moove manufactures and distributes own and Mobil and Comma-branded lubricants in operations in South America, Europe and Asia. One of the largest lubricant manufacturers in Brazil, the company also engages in the distribution of base oils and the production and distribution of automotive specialties in Brazil.

Moove has two plants, one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and another in Kent, England, and their combined production output capacity exceeds 2 million barrels of lubricants and specialty chemicals every year. The company's products and services undergo strict processes to ensure high standards of safety, quality, control, efficiency and sustainability.

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(*) Cosan S/A also holds a stake on both Radar and Cosan Biomassa.

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