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Cosan S/A is listed on the Novo Mercado Segment of BM&FBovespa under the ticker “CSAN3” since its IPO in 2005. As the Company is part of Novo Mercado, it only issues common shares. Cosan S/A's common shares grant its holders economic and political power, as provided in the Law of Corporations, in the Novo Mercado Listing Rules and in the Bylaws of Cosan S/A. All company shares are held in custody on behalf of their holders, by a custodian authorized by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (“CVM”), which in the company’s case is Banco Itaú, with which the Company maintains a custody agreement, without issuing certificates.

Type of share Common
BM&FBovespa ticker symbol CSAN3
Initial Public Offering (IPO) November 17, 2005
Share value in the IPO R$48,00
CVM Code 19836
Number of shares 407,904,353 common shares
Relevant indexes IBOV, IBRX 50, ITAG, IGC, IBVX2, IGCT
Bloomberg Code CSAN3 BZ
Reuters Code CSAN3.SA
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